About Hamdallah


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What's up, crew! I'm Hamdallah, injecting that fresh sound into the hip-hop scene.

Originally hailing from the Middle East, specifically Jordan, I've been soaking in the vibrant vibes of California for the past decade.

As the maestro behind my beats, I blend my Middle Eastern roots with those Cali vibes, creating a musical journey that fuses cultures and experiences. I'm stoked to share this with you.

Get ready for my debut single, "Don’t Stop Build Up." It's a vibe, boasting a unique production style and powerful themes that keep it real. From crafting the beats to penning the lyrics, I poured my heart into every element. Drawing inspiration from both the East and the West, I fused the enchanting sounds of the Oud with the electric guitar, creating a tapestry of cultural influences.

Musical Roots:

Immersing myself in the world of hip-hop at the age of 12, I was captivated by Eminem's tracks like "Forget About Dre," "Superman," and "When I'm Gone," which served as foundational influences. The energy of 50 Cent further fueled my early appreciation for the genre. Later, upon delving deeper into hip-hop after my introduction through Eminem, I discovered Tupac. His influence, combined with the dynamic mix of Eminem and 50 Cent, played a crucial role in shaping my unique rapping style.

Beyond lyrics, my heart beats for the pulse of fast, aggressive rhythms. The soulful connection between beats and adrenaline drives my creative process. The lyrics of my first song aren't just words—they're narratives drawn from real-life experiences, offering a genuine glimpse into my world.

What sets me apart?

It's not just about lyrical finesse and vocal delivery – it's my dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories. As a self-producer, I'm hands-on with every aspect of my craft, promising you an authentic and thrilling musical ride.

What’s Next?

With "Don’t Stop Build Up" making waves, I'm gearing up for a fantastic journey ahead. Stay tuned for more releases as I continue to carve my path in the hip-hop game.

This debut marks the beginning of a musical chapter, and I invite you to join me on this ride.

Follow me on Spotify to vibe with me on this musical adventure, and let's keep the positive energy flowing!

Let the flow speak,